Sunday, September 23, 2012

What does a Yams Jam look like?

So what does it look like when a whole bunch of people get together and jam over at Young America Music School?

Like this:

Call us to see when the next jam is!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Christmas is coming! Start thinking YAMS now.....

Here at Young America Music we have a TON of music-related stuff that works great for Christmas - especially inexpensive little accessories that can make all the different in the world to a musician of any skill level.

Want some suggestions?
  • A portable table-top music stand that sits on any flat surface and holds your music up at the correct angle
  • Guitar picks - we've got a lot of different kinds! Christmas presents are a good time to get 'em to try something new!
  • Ditto for Guitar Strings - try out those new glow-in-the-dark strings [ really! ]
  • Music books - we've got books of music for just about every instrument, including tablature for the frets.
  • Instrument cases - how about a blue case for your clarinet? A new case to replace that beat up old thing your guitar lives in?
  • Synthetic reeds - if you play a reed instrument [clarinet, oboe, sax] Christmas is a great time to ask for a synthetic reed. They last a LOT longer the regular reeds, and it would be something new to try out! The cool factor is pretty high with these! 
  • Spare tuners and metronomes - at YAMS prices, it's always easy [and a good thing] to have a spare handy].
  • Reed cases - keep your reeds safe.
  • Instrument cleaning kits - for all the band instruments. These make it easy to get last month's lunch out of your instrument, since band is after lunch and.....well, you get the picture!
  • Harmonicas - we have 'em in all price ranges. It's a great instrument to have around, and sometimes even the dog likes it.
  • New instrument cables - we have 'em! Ya' can't have enough of 'em!
  • Spare drumsticks - or a different kind of drum sticks.
  • Dinky little Orange Amps - battery powered, inexpensive, killer sound. Seriously!
So come by the store and get ahead on your Christmas shopping - even though it isn't Halloween yet! 

...and don't forget that we are on eBay as well. You never know what we're listing from week to week! 

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