Monday, December 27, 2010

Strings, Strings, Strings...all Tuned up & ready to go

So did you get a new instrument for Christmas - or did you want one but Santa decided you were'nt good enough? Want the next best thing?

New Strings!

Refresh your instrument with a brand-spankin' new set of strings. YAMS has them - whether for acoustic guitar, electric, bass, violin, viola, cello, banjo, mandolin - we probably even have a set for resonator guitar around here somewhere.

What, you don't need new strings? Then, how about a tuner? Keep your instrument tuned up at a special YAMS price. We have a variety of types and price ranges - come on by and check them out!

Young America Music School
Middle Georgia's Best Music Store

[in our humble but accurate opinion!]

Monday, December 20, 2010

Drums, Drums, Drums - I think the Drummer is restless!

If you have a drummer in the family - and who doesn't? - you really need to come buy Young America Music on Zebulon Road and check out all the "drum stuff" we have available. Hey, it's Christmas next week! Your drummer needs a practice pad, for instance, so he or she can beat on something OTHER than the furniture.

Another advantage? Practice pads are QUIETER than regular drums!

We also have a variety of cowbells [MORE COWBELL!], sticks, gloves, and miscellaneous stuff that will make your drummer smile.

We're on Zebulon Road in Macon, between Zaxby's and Polly's Restaurants - and two doors down from CVS pharmacy, where they have a nice selection of earplugs!

Friday, December 10, 2010

MiPro MA-705 portable PA system - battery powered!

YAMS has a selection of portable PA systems - some are even battery powered - that sound pretty darn good if the webguy says so himself.. This is one of the bigger units - the MiPro MA-705. As you can see [from the admittedly fuzzy pictures] it is battery powered, yet puts out an amazing 70 watts for over 5 hours of use. It can be table or stand mounted, and can fill a room of up to 500 people.

It has a built-in echo unit for special effects, and a road-ready touch durable housing, and you can plug in an external sound source in addition to the microphone - like a CD player, iPod, whatever!

So come on by Young America Music and take a look at the selection - all of it at the special YAMS "beat the internet guys" pricing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blueridge Guitars at Special Christmas YAMS pricing! [LIMITED TIME OFFER]

We have several "last year models" Blueridge guitars at a special price - from $50 to over $100 off YAMS special "beat the internet guys" pricing.

Models include the BR-60, BR-140, BR-160, BR-180, and even the BR-341. CLICK HERE for some details on each of these models.

Come on by YAMS and pick one up - these are indeed unbeatable deals, even on eBay! We only have one or two of each model, so come by soon!!