Saturday, October 25, 2008

Deering Banjos @ YAMS

Deering Banjos are in stock - we have several models in stock and ready to play. We usually keep the lower-priced but still excellent-sounding Deering Goodtime series in stock, and also have several of the higher-end models.

You really have to hear the difference a Deering makes! Call or come by and check out the YAMS special pricing!

Write it down!

YAMS staff paper - printed on special stock, with staves on both sides so you can write those musical ideas down before you forget them! This paper has a smooth feel - which makes it NICE to write music. Each sheet is three-hole punched for easy storage in a notebook.

Sure, you could just print some staff paper off on your printer - but it's the paper that makes it NICE to write down. This paper also won't let marker bleed through (so you can still use both sides), and it takes pencil quite well.

We have 2 staff sizes in stock, and it is sold by the sheet or by the pack, so it's easy to pick up exactly how much you need. Come by and pick up some staff paper at a special price!

Elixir strings @ YAMS

Looking for Elixir strings? We have them, in stock and ready to play! Guitarists around town are raving about how long these strings last. They cost a bit more, but are definitely worth it. One of our customers is changing strings FAR less often now that he's using Elixirs.

Casio Privia @ YAMS

We now carry the Casio Privia 88-note weighted digital pianos. This is the keyboard that Tom - one of our piano teachers - recommends for families who only have around $500 to spend on an instrument for their beginning piano student. He says, "While it isn't as good a piano action as a grand piano, it's darn good for $500 - and it only weighs 20-something pounds, AND has a headphone jack! I can play classical on this keyboard, and that's saying something."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking for Weber mandolins?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Weber Mandolins at Young America Music Schools"]Weber Mandolins at Young America Music Schools[/caption]

We are a dealer for the famous Weber mandolins. These are HIGH quality, hand made, high performance Mandolins that you have to play to believe. They are hand-built with love and attention to detail, which ensures every instrument's integrity and acoustic personality. Come check them out!

Blueridge Guitars @ Yams

YAMS is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for BlueRidge guitars - an excellent line that has been called by some in the industry as the best quality import for the money. We've got around a dozen guitars on the way - they should be in any day now!

Get more details on the BlueRidge page.

Don't just play - READ!

YAMS is now carrying several dozen magazines that cover YOUR musical interest. Sure, several Guitar magazines (including some you really do need to check out), but also
Electronic Musician,
String Player,
Teaching Music,

and even mags covering the Drum Corp and Marching Band scenes

Come check them all out!