Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bodacious music good for tappin' your toes

Even though there isn't much guitar in it, we do carry Seasons, by the band tom&co. It has some great music for Christmas and Easter - hey, it's not too early to think about those Christmas presents!

Swing by the store and check it out - there's a lot of ear candy in this one!

Seasons by tom&co @ YAMS

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jumbi steel drum

jumbi_drum at YAMS

OK, this one is just cool, and tons of fun to play with. It's a genuine steel drum, complete with stand and "mallets", that has a surprisingly good tone. While I think it's really meant for the education market - to be used in a music classroom - it would make  great addition to any studio or band. For that matter, a playroom!

It offers an octave's worth of notes from the major scale, and works well with guitarists playing in sharp keys. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it - it's just fun, and the design makes it hard to hit a "clam" note.

We've had a ball doodling with it at the store - Emmett & Peggy both have had to chase the teacher's off of the thing when we're between students!

jumbi steel drum at Young AMerica Music - middle georgia's best music store

Guitar Teacher (and member of the Mosely Dixon Project) Bobby Hall was even caught on camera playing with the Jumbi!

Bobby Hall playing the Jumbi steel drum at Young America Music School in Macon, GA

Here's what it sounds like. (This was captured with a nintendo DSi).

Jumbi steel drum at Young America Music School in Macon, GA.

So come by the store and play with the thing!

Steel Drum for teh classroom at Young America Music School - Macon's best music store