Monday, February 4, 2013

Book 'em, Dano!

Yes, the YAMS punster rises again, this time to gladly inform you that we have TONS of music books over at Young America Music.

Do you want to the latest EZ guitar arrangement of the latest Bieber song?
We are NOT going to have it - that kind of thing is available all over creation. 

What we DO have are interesting and useful books for learning to play your instrument better - whether that instrument be piano, keyboard, guitar [ all sorts of style - from heavy metal soloing to chicken-picking country and even FLAMENCO! ] to violins and orchestral instruments to banjo to mandolin to drums to jazz fake books to.... well, you get the idea!

We DO have many collections of songs you can learn to play - some in tablature, some piano/voice/guitar types - and all of them useful!

So come by the store and check out what we in stock - you might find something that will help you play better!...and please SPREAD THE WORD!

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